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We are now offering Myofascial Cupping!

Myofascial Dry Cupping (MDC), is a treatment that originated in Chinese medicine and over the years has been Westernised to treat Musculoskeletal conditions.

MDC has many benefits when used in conjunction with Sports Massage or used individually as a treatment.

The theory behind MDC:

As we age, our body starts to degenerate and healing slows down, adhesions increase and there is a decrease in blood flow, thus limiting movement around joints. Cupping can target these effects by drawing fresh blood into soft tissue and removing stagnant blood (the marks you get), this increases the pliability in the soft tissue and will increase Range of Motion.

There is a little bit more theory and physiology to it, which I can explain during sessions, but why not try for yourself today.

Upgrade a Sports Massage with added MDC for an extra £5.

30 minute Cupping only - £25.

I can't wait to get my Cups on some of you :).

Katie x

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